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Yandex Drive has launched electric car rental in Moscow

Oct 3, 2019

Vedomosti - Yandex Drive has launched electric car rental. The company has started offering Nissan Leaf cars to customers for rental in Moscow, as stated by the company. This is the first experience of Yandex Drive with electric vehicles in Russia, as told by a company representative.


Yandex Drive is one of the two largest car sharing companies in Russia. The car fleet of Yandex Drive is formed of 15,000 vehicles, according to company data.

30 electric cars have joined the Yandex Drive fleet on 30 September. The vehicles are available for rent for half an hour, an hour and 90 minutes. If the vehicle is needed for less than 30 minutes, the service offers a similar tariff as the Yandex Taxi: the cost of the journey is calculated by distance.


As promised by the representatives of the service, the prices of electric car rental will not be different from a normal vehicle. Sberbank has calculated the average price of a car sharing journey as 260 rubles for 2018. The representative has not disclosed the difference in the cost of electric and normal vehicles for Yandex Drive.

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