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The world car market fell by 10% in August

Sep 24, 2020

The world car market fell by 10.3% to 6 million 406 thousand passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in August. According to the results of eight months of 2020, the sales of cars in the world reached 46 million 226 thousand units (-22.2%), according to the data of the consulting company LMC Automotive.


China remains the world leader in car sales in August with 2 million 114 thousand cars, which is higher by 8.5% than a year ago. As noted, the positive dynamics has been observed for the fourth month in a row, which was partly due to fears of a second wave of coronavirus from consumers. In America, 1 million 329 thousand cars were sold, which is lower by 19.1% than a year before. Automotive markets in Western Europe in August reached 887.5 thousand vehicles (-17.4%). Car sales in Eastern Europe fell by 2.3% to 328.7 thousand units.

At the same time, the Russian car market showed a slight decrease (-0.5%), while in Turkey the demand for cars continued to grow - in August by 134%. In South America, local dealers sold 202,000 vehicles, less by 26.3% from August of the previous year. Among the world's largest car markets, it is also worth mentioning Japan (322.1 thousand units, -15.6%), Canada (161.4 thousand units, -11.8%) and Korea (132.3 thousand units,-2%).


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