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New vehicle market grew the most in Ural and North-Western Federal Districts

Aug 21, 2020

Experts of AUTOSTAT analytic agency decided to analyze the situation in the federal districts of our country following the July growth of the new passenger cars market in Russia (+ 8.5%). We should mention that the positive dynamics was registered in all districts.


In July 2020, the largest market growth was recorded in Ural and North-Western Federal Districts. So, compared to July 2019, the automotive market grew by 12.3% up to 15.5 thousand vehicles in Ural and by 11.3% up to 19 thousand vehicles in North-Western Federal Districts. The dynamics in Southern and Volga Federal Districts was also higher than the average in Russia (+ 10.7% and + 10.1%, respectively); 13.9 thousand and 37.1 thousand vehicles were sold there.

The new passenger car market grew by 8.2% (4.6 thousand vehicles) in the North Caucasus, by 5.8% (almost 10 thousand vehicles), in Siberia. The dynamics in Central Federal District (which accounts for almost a third of the entire market) is lower than the average in Russia; 52.5 thousand vehicles were sold here. (+ 5.6%). We should mention, that this market, obviously, was largely affected by low sales in Moscow (in July, residents of the capital purchased 1% fewer new vehicles than a year ago). The least growth in the new vehicle sales was registered in the Far Eastern Federal District (+ 1.1%; 2.1 thousand vehicles). However, taking into account its small market share (1.4%), this did not have a serious impact on the overall picture.


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