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UAZ model became the best-selling pickup in the 1st quarter

Apr 23, 2021

For three months of 2021, 566 UAZ Pickup vehicles were sold in Russia (according to AEB data).

As experts of the agency "AUTOSTAT" noted, the achieved result allowed this model to become the most popular among pickups in the 1st quarter. The second place in this segment was taken by Toyota Hilux - from January to March its sales in our country were 520 units.Mitsubishi L200 with 445 sold units finished the top three of the leaders. Agency experts remind that in January the title of the most popular pickup truck in the Russian market belonged to Toyota Hilux, in February - Mitsubishi L200. And in March, the "Russian hero" ousted the "Japanese samurai". Thus, sales of the "UAZ" pickup in the first month of spring were 327 units, Hilux - 242 units, and L200 - 126 units. This allowed UAZ model to become the segment leader as a whole for the quarter.


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