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UAZ has launched a mobile application for production monitoring

Dec 3, 2019

RusAutoNewsCom.- As announced by the company press office, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant has launched the On flow-UAZ mobile application, integrated with a production management system, on test mode in November.


Online reception of notifications about the status of production and reports on the assembly and delivery of cars, chat on production issues, implementation of plans and the presence of problematic issues are the features of the application. The new instrument has been presented to the governor Sergei Morozov on 22 November.

The mobile application has currently been launched as a pilot project to collect feedback from the management staff, who are engaged in the operational management of production. The application is available in three versions at the moment, through a browser by reference and in iOS and Android systems. Installation of a new channel is planned in the near future for the Quality Directorate with uploading information on defect prevention.

“In addition to sending necessary reports for management, the application allows interactive communication with the participants in the production process, so that in the event of an unforeseen situation or the need to resolve operational issues, all parties are notified in time for the provision of a quick response. As a result, the focus on production communication will significantly improve the reaction to changes in the production process and the quality of the outcome” – said Artem Nikanshin, the IT Director at UAZ.


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