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In September, the market of new trucks showed an increase of 15%

Oct 16, 2020

According to the analytical agency AUTOSTAT, the volume of the Russian market of new trucks in September of 2020 was 7 thousand units, which is higher by 14.8% than in September 2019.


Experts note that the last time a positive trend in this market was recorded in February this year. KAMAZ keeps the leadership among brands in the truck market. Its share in September was about 39% of the total volume, which corresponds to 2.7 thousand cars. This is higher by 44.2% than a year ago.

The best among foreign brands was Swedish Scania, with a market index of 565 vehicles (+ 89.6%). Domestic GAZ finished the top three with a very close result - 555 purchased cars (-28.4%). In addition, Belarusian MAZ (352 units; + 20.5%) and Swedish Volvo (350 units; -7.4%) entered the TOP-5 of September. According to the experts of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT", according to the results of 9 months of 2020, the market of new trucks in the Russian Federation fell by 7.2% to 51 thousand units.


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