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More trucks from China are being bought in Russia

Oct 6, 2020

The experts of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" have already reported about the fall of the market of new trucks in Russia - by the end of 8 months of 2020 the decrease was 10%. The fall affected almost all participants in this market, however, among them there were those who, on the contrary, showed the growth. So, in our country, more trucks are being purchased from China.


From January to August, the volume of their purchases was 2,146 units – higher by 22% than for 8 months of 2019. Experts also noted that the growth is also observed at Japanese brands - by 1% to 2,935 units. But the rest of the leading participants of the Russian market of new trucks recorded a decline. During the reporting period, there were purchased less by 5% of domestic trucks (24.6 thousand units), by 24% - Swedish trucks (5.2 thousand units), by 20% - German trucks (4.2 thousand units). ... The volume of purchases of trucks from Belarus (2.1 thousand units) fell by 17%, sales of trucks from the Netherlands (1.1 thousand units) in our country fell by more than a quarter (-26%). The volume of purchases of trucks from South Korea (-18%), France (-24%) and Italy (-43%) also decreased. But the volumes of their purchases, as well as cars from other countries, turn out to be even lower - less than 700 units for 8 months.


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