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In August, the number of leasing transactions for motor vehicles exceeded 22 thousand. This is a record in 2020!

Oct 6, 2020

In the course of preparing the monthly review "Base of leasing transactions of vehicles in all regions of the Russian Federation for 2020", experts of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" found out that by the end of August, 22.1 thousand vehicles were leased.


This is the highest figure this year. More than 60% of all leasing deals were in the passenger car segment that is 13.5 thousand units. 22% of the leased vehicles were trucks (4.8 thousand units), and 13.5% - light commercial vehicles (3 thousand units). About 4% of all transactions were occupied by buses (0.8 thousand units). We would like to remind that earlier the highest indicator of car leasing was noted in March and July (19.8 thousand units each), while the April one remains the minimum (9.1 thousand units).


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