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Foreign cars from which countries do Russians buy? TOP-10

Jan 11, 2021

During the period from January to November, the residents of our country bought about 195 thousand new passenger cars produced outside the Russian Federation. According to the experts of the agency "AUTOSTAT", it is 15% of the total volume of the Russian market. Let’s have a look the foreign cars from which countries are most often bought by Russians.


About 40% of this amount came from cars assembled in Germany. Thus, by the results of 11 months, 73.5 thousand new German-assembled passenger cars were purchased in Russia. But about every fourth imported foreign car was produced in Japan (45.5 thousand units).

A little more than 10%, or 20.3 thousand units, were cars made in China. There were delivered 13.5 thousand cars to us from neighboring Belarus. The top five is finished by Great Britain, in which 7.5 thousand cars bought by Russians were assembled.

In addition to them, the TOP-10 of countries, on the territory of which new passenger cars were assembled and purchased by residents of the Russian Federation in January-November, included: Thailand (6.9 thousand units), USA (6.5 thousand units), Hungary (6.3 thousand units), Sweden (4.1 thousand units) and Turkey (4 thousand units).

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