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In 2020, more than 1.6 trillion Rubles were spent for spare parts in Russia

Jun 16, 2021

While preparing the report “Calculation of the market capacity of auto components and spare parts for passenger cars in Russia”, the experts of the analytical agency “AUTOSTAT” studied the secondary market of components and determined its main parameters.

According to the agency's experts, the total volume of the secondary market of automotive components and spare parts in Russia in 2020 exceeded 1 billion units of various parts. In monetary terms, the market capacity was 1 trillion 640 billion rubles.

Traditionally, the largest segments are tires, suspension parts and oils. The Russians spent the most money for the tires the last year - 198 billion rubles, which is 12% of the total capacity of the automotive components market. In second place in terms of sales there are suspension parts with a capacity indicator of 172 billion rubles and a share of just over 10%. And 124 billion rubles were spent for oils and technical fluids the previous year, or about 8% of the total result.

Also, more than 5% of the capacity of the secondary market of auto components is occupied by brake system parts and filters. The share of each of the remaining groups of spare parts is below this threshold.


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