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Russian new bus market has grown by 6% in 2019

Feb 6, 2020

Russian new bus market (excluding LCVs) has amounted to 13.8 thousand vehicles in 2019, following a 6.3% year-on-year rise.


Russian manufacturer PAZ has become the leader of the market, with 58% share of the total volume. 8,049 PAZ buses have been sold, indicating a 5.9% year-on-year rise.

All the top-3 most popular buses in the Russian bus market is formed of domestic brands. LiAZ occupies the second spot with 1,610 units (-4.5%) and Nefaz comes third with 1,053 units (+36.6%). The top-5 is completed by Chinese Yutong with 590 units (+15.2%) and Belarusian MAZ with 466 units (-26.8%).

The small-class, high-floor PAZ-3205 has become the best-sold model in the Russian new bus market, with a sales figure of 3,604 units (-4%). Second and third places are also occupied by the models of PAZ: small-class PAZ-3204 with 2,700 units (+6.6%), high-floor medium-class PAZ-4234 with 1193 units (+39.5%). The midium-class, high-floor Nefaz-5299 occupies the fourth place in the ranking with 1053 units (+36.6%). Large-class, low-floor LiAZ-5292 completes the top-five with 719 units (0%).


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