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Russian electric car Zetta to be launched during the first quarter of 2020

Nov 27, 2019

RNS.- The certification process of the first Russian electric car Zetta is at its final stage and the serial production of the vehicle is planned to be launched during the first quarter of 2020, as told by the Minister of Industry and Commerce Denis Manturov.


“According to the report I’ve received from my colleagues, the certification process of the Zetta electric car is at its final stage. I hope this is the case. The production should start within the first quarter of 2020. I’ve been promised to be updated about the new developments” – said the minister.

A bill, proposing the tax exemption of the owners of electric cars, buses and other types of vehicles equipped with electric engines particularly, has been adopted by the Moscow City Council previously.

According to the document, the benefit will remain in force for 5 years, from the beginning of 2020 until the end of 2024.

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