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The program of vehicle transferring from petrol to gas can be expanded to all of Russia

Jul 16, 2020

Regions participating in the program of the preferential transfer of vehicles from petrol to gas should provide people with this opportunity until July 20th. Now there are only 27 such entities, but soon the program can spread throughout Russia, said Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Anton Inyutsyn.


 “Now there are many requests from the regions to add them to this program. We have packs of letters from the governors. We have prepared a proposal to expand the program to all of Russia. But then additional 15 billion rubles are needed for each year to 4.2 billion, which are already laid until 2024, that is, other 60 billion. We sent our calculations to the government, we are waiting for an answer, "he said.

According to the TASS agency, the program in the regions involves financing from the state, which includes a two-thirds discount on the cost of cars and light commercial vehicles re-equipment. The deputy head of the Ministry of Energy informed the newspaper that Gazprom suggested additional 30% discount in these entities due to its marketing programs. So, re-equipment will cost 5% of the cost. “For a taxi driver who refueling a car for 1.5 thousand rubles a day, after the transfer to gas, the amount will be 500-600 rubles. In our opinion, 1 thousand rubles a day is a serious saving,” Inyutsyn explained. Currently, 60-65% of the entire infrastructure for gas transportation is concentrated in 27 regions that are included in the development program.


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