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The Ministry of Industry and Trade will expand the program of preferential car loans

Apr 17, 2021

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation will soon allocate additional funds for programs of preferential car loans and leasing

At the same time, preferential car loans will become available for new categories of citizens who will be able to buy Russian-made cars at a discount from the state. This was stated by the head of the ministry, Denis Manturov, in whose opinion these measures will definitely be enough to stimulate the car market by the end of this year.

Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported that 8.9 billion rubles were allocated for preferential car loans in 2021, and 3.8 billion rubles for the car leasing program. As "AUTOSTAT" previously reported, in mid-February the funds allocated for the implementation of the program of preferential car loans were exhausted, in connection with which the banks suspended the issuance of preferential car loans. For the first two months of 2021, more than 42.5 thousand cars were sold in Russia with the help of state demand stimulation programs.

Among them, about 35.4 thousand cars were sold under the preferential car lending program, the rest 7.1 thousand cars - under the preferential leasing program. All LADA and UAZ models, as well as KIA Rio, Hyundai Creta and Solaris, RenaultLogan, Sandero, Duster, Kaptur and Arkana models participate in preferential car lending programs.


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