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Preparing infrastructure for electro cars

Nov 29, 2021

Ministry of Energy will subsidy the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

Ministry of Energy has developed rules for obtaining subsidies from the budget for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

- The total budget of the program is 8.1 billion rubles, ~ 3000 charging stations

- The maximum subsidy will be 60% of the cost of the station (no more than 1.86 million rubles)

- A subsidy can also be obtained for those. connection of the station to power grids - 30% of the payment (up to 900 thousand rubles)


The list of subsidies includes the M-4 Don highway and 19 regions, including Crimea, Sakhalin, Leningrad and Moscow regions.

Only stations with 4 outputs and a capacity of 150 kW or more will be able to receive the subsidy:

EU CCS standard

CHAdeMO standard, used in Asian electric vehicles.


Both standards should have slow and fast charging. Market participants considered the requirements unreasonably high and, in fact, impracticable, as there are no world analogues.


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