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The reinvented wheel - Uptis tires

Sep 27, 2021

The finale of Michelin's 16-year development showcased at Automechanika

Leading tire manufacturer Michelin has showed the final version of its airless tires after years of development. The company already says that the invention can be used up to 3 times longer, being much more environmentally friendly. The novelty has already been presented at the Automechanika Frankfurt 2021 exhibition.

Instead of air pressure, the tire uses a series of spokes to add strength. The inner spokes are adjusted to a specific stiffness, which affects acceleration and deceleration. Obviously, such a tire is not afraid of punctures and insufficient pressure. The first test drives showed that the ride on the new development is comparable to conventional tires, which is what the developers are trying to achieve. Meanwhile, Michelin plans to start mass production for passenger cars before 2024.

New products from Michelin at the MIMS Automechanika Moscow exhibition are presented by the permanent participant of the exhibition and the official distributor of the Michelin brand - Rival company!


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