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The market of used electric vehicles grew by 75% in October

Dec 1, 2020

In October, the Russian market of new electric cars tripled, however, in the secondary market this month, the situation with purchases developed quite actively.


So, according to the analytical agency AUTOSTAT, in October of 2020, the residents of our country purchased 608 used electric vehicles, which is higher by 75% than in October 2019.

The lion's share (almost 90%) of preferences fell on the Nissan Leaf model, the resale of which was 542 units. In addition, in October, the Russians purchased 22 second-hand electric cars Mitsubishi i-MiEV, 12 - TeslaModel S, 10 - Jaguar I-Pace, 8 units each - BMW i3 and TeslaModel X. The list of October purchases also included: Tesla Model 3 - 3 units, Renault Twizy - 2 units and Hyundai Ioniq - 1 unit.

Most used electric vehicles in October were bought by residents of the Irkutsk region (61 units). The second place in the regional ranking is occupied by Primorye (58 items), and the third place is finished by Krasnodar Territory (54 items). Among the subjects of the Russian Federation, where electric vehicles were actively resold, it is worth highlighting the Khabarovsk Territory (36 units). Moscow is only the fifth one in this list, 31 such used cars were purchased there. At the end of 10 months of 2020, the secondary market of electric vehicles in Russia also showed the significant growth. So, during this period its volume was about 4.4 thousand units, which is higher by 60% than in January-October of the previous year.


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