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The Russian car market rose to the fourth place in Europe in 2020

Jan 19, 2021

Russian car market, which continued to decline in the previous year, nevertheless rose to the fourth place in the ranking of the largest car markets in Europe.

According to the data received by the AUTOSTAT agency in the national associations of European automakers, Germany remains the leader in car sales in the previous year, where 2 million 917 thousand 758 cars were sold (-19.1%). As noted in the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA), the drop in sales not only dealt a blow to the economic situation of automakers in the previous year, but also slowed down the renewal of the local car fleet, which could have a negative effect on the environmental situation in the country.

France took the second place among the largest European car markets with 1 million 650 thousand 131 cars (-25.5%). Thus, the drop in sales was recorded for the first time after five years of growth. The third result was shown by Great Britain - 1 million 631 thousand 064 cars (-29.4%). As noted by the British Society of Automobile Manufacturers and Automobile Dealers (SMMT), this is the worst result since 1992, due to the closure of dealerships during the first and second waves of coronavirus infection.

If, when considering the European automotive market, we take into account Russia, then our country has risen to the fourth place of the European rating. According to preliminary estimates of the AUTOSTAT agency, sales of passenger cars were about 1.5 million units in the previous year (excluding LCV). This time Italy finished the top five of European leaders, the dealers of which sold 1 million 379 thousand 319 cars (-28.1%).


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