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The Ministry of Industry and Trade has calculated the level of localization of Russian cars

Jan 19, 2021

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has calculated the level of localization of all models of passenger cars produced in the country in 2020.

This data is needed by the department to control the fulfillment of the terms of the "industrial assembly" and special investment contracts (SPICs), as well as to form a list of models allowed for public procurement. The degree of localization implies the share of Russian-made components and assemblies, as well as technological operations, the Vedomosti newspaper wrote.

According to calculations, the "most domestic" are Lada Largus and Granta, they scored 3,280 points according to the methodology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It turns out that Granta developed in Russia and licensed Largus have the same "Russian share" now. But it is even more surprising that the primordially domestic Lada 4x4, that is, the classic Niva, lost to them: it has 3260 points. Lada Vesta is not far behind (3200 points). But the rest of the cars produced in Russia were far behind.

UAZ vehicles earned only 2,216 points for localization, Renault cars - 2,149 points, Nissan crossovers produced in St. Petersburg - 1,500 points. The lowest degree of localization is expected for SKD cars: BMW, Hyundai and KIA produced in Kaliningrad earned 50 points, while Mazda of Far East production - 20 points.

In 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade allowed for state purchases cars that scored at least 2,000 points for localization, but this year the conditions were noticeably tightened. From now on, the government agencies can buy only models with at least 3200 points. That is, only LADA models remained "through". But there is, of course, an exception to this rule. To prevent high-ranking officials from switching to Largus and Vesta, they only need to obtain a special permit to buy a car with a lower degree of localization.


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