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KIA will develop 7 new electric models

Sep 21, 2020

KIA Motors presented its strategy for the global development of electric vehicles (EV – Electric Vehicles), as well as early sketches of several future battery electric vehicles (BEV - BatteryElectricVehicle), which were originally developed by the brand as electric vehicles.


As a part of its Plan S strategy, unveiled in early 2020, KIA plans to expand its BEV lineup to 11 models by 2025, according to the Korean brand's press office. The company intends to achieve 20% of its total sales of electric vehicles during this time in the most advanced markets - Korea, North America and Western Europe. Seven BEV models will be produced by 2027. The first model, designed specifically as a battery-electric vehicle, received the CV index and will debut in 2021.

“Since the launch of our first custom-designed BEV for the domestic market, the Ray EV, in 2011, KIA has been able to sell more than 100,000 electric vehicles of this type worldwide,” - said Son Ho Sun, President and CEO of KIA Motors. “Since then, we have started to offer a new BEV range for markets around the world, and have announced our long-term plans to accelerate the development of electric vehicle production. By reorienting our business to the production of electric vehicles, we expect that by 2029 they will account for up to 25% of our global sales. ”


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