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In September, the car market of Kazakhstan grew by 63%

Nov 2, 2020

The market volume of new cars in Kazakhstan, according to the analytical agency AUTOSTAT, in September of 2020 reached 9.5 thousand units, which is higher by 63% than the result of a year ago. According to the agency's experts, the growth of the Kazakhstan market has been going on for the fifth month in a row, and its monthly rate exceeds 20%.


The Korean brand Hyundai became the leader of the local market in September - during this period, the residents of Kazakhstan purchased 2,000 such cars, which is higher by 48% than in September of 2019. Then Russian LADA follows the market volume of which grew 2.1 times to 1950 units. The third place was occupied by the Uzbek Ravon with the result of 1,340 vehicles and the 2.6 times growth. The TOP-5 of the most popular brands also included Toyota (1,120 units; -13%) and Chevrolet (600 units; an increase of 8.5 times).

LADA Granta took the first place in the model rating, which sold 830 units in September. This is followed by the Ravon R4 sedan, purchased in the amount of 740 units. The third most popular model of this brand is Ravon Nexia (590 units). Toyota Camry (580 units) and Hyundai Tucson (490 units) entered the top-five leading models in the Kazakhstan market in September. We add that in the first nine months of 2020, the residents of Kazakhstan bought 57.2 thousand new passenger cars, which is higher by 19% than in 2019.


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