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KAMAZ launched the first sharing of dump trucks in Russia

Dec 8, 2020

For the first time in Russia, KAMAZ, as a part of the “Spetsharing” online service for renting special equipment, has launched cargo car sharing - a service for renting dump trucks.


Now the dump truck rental service is available to business customers in Kazan and other cities of Tatarstan. In the first quarter of 2021, it is planned to launch in Moscow, then the opening in St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. Acceptance of applications for customers in the Moscow region is already open, the press service of KAMAZ reported.

The rental service for KAMAZ dump trucks operates according to the classic sharing model, that is, it provides for the use of a completely ready-to-use vehicle, the client only needs to fill it with fuel. The service of renting a dump truck with a driver is also available for order. You can rent a truck for a period from one day to one year. The fleet of vehicles available for rent consists of KAMAZ-65801 dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 32 tons, one of the most popular models in the auto giant's product line. Vehicles are designed for transportation of various types of bulk construction, industrial and other cargo. Dump truck sharing includes the same options as passenger car sharing. The customer does not have to worry about service and can use the truck as his own. The rental price includes everything except fuel - the vehicle is insured by OSAGO and CASCO, it undergoes regular maintenance and replacement of all consumables.


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