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KAMAZ began the trial assembly of the newest dump truck

Jul 21, 2020

KAMAZ has started the assembly of a new product of the K5 family - KAMAZ-6595 dump truck. A new cab was used on the vehicle, a new KAMAZ R6 engine was installed, and new solutions for balancing the suspension were implemented.


The drive axles of the heavy truck are designed for an axle load of up to 16 tons, the carrying capacity of the vehicle is over 26 tons, the press service of KAMAZ reports.

As noted, the new dump truck will differ significantly both from the KAMAZ-6580 vehicle - its predecessor of the K4 family, as well as from the KAMAZ-54901 mainline tractor, the flagship of the K5 generation. This product is much more cost effective - longer service intervals and better fuel economy. The cab of the KAMAZ-6595 is narrower than that of the tractor, there are no berths in it, and there will be a tunnel in the floor of the frame to accommodate the power unit. Another feature of the cab is a massive three-piece front bumper made of stamped steel panels. The radiator will be protected by a steel mesh, and a special guard is provided for the lensed headlights. It should be noted that in the KAMAZ-6595 dump truck there is a high proportion of original parts, they are 80% of the total volume. As previously reported, the serial production of heavy KAMAZ vehicles is scheduled for early 2021.


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