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KAMAZ overfulfilled the business plan for production and financial indicators in January - May

Jul 14, 2020

According to the results of the spread of coronavirus, KAMAZ overfulfilled the business plan for production and financial indicators for five months of 2020, said the company's general director, Sergey Kogogin.


 Recall that KAMAZ in late March - early April stopped the production for a week, which by decree of the President of the Russian Federation was declared non-working in connection with the spread of coronavirus, writes the Prime agency. Mr. Kogogin estimated the damage from this downtime week at 2 billion rubles. The company also suspended the production for May holidays - from May 1st to the 11th, resuming the assembly of cars on May 12th.

According to the analytical agency AUTOSTAT, by the results of five months of 2020, KAMAZ sold 9,643 trucks in the Russian market, which is lower by 10.4% in compare with the same period of the previous year. Meanwhile, KAMAZ canceled the regime of an incomplete three-day working week in July in connection with the availability of orders for production. It is planned that the pace of the main assembly line will be 170 cars per a day. In July, the production of the company will produce about 3.3 thousand KAMAZ trucks. Earlier, for the period from June 29th to July 31st of this year, the regime of an incomplete three-day, 24-hour working week with working days was established - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

In addition, a decree-order was issued at KAMAZ, according to which the two-week paid vacation of the company's employees, previously planned for the period from July 20th to August 2nd, was postponed to August 17th-30th. The decision to postpone the start and end dates of annual paid leave from July to August was made due to the need to fulfill timely a large volume of orders received from customers.


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