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KAMAZ began the sales of new generation tractors

May 25, 2020

KAMAZ began the sales of the flagship of the latest K5 line - KAMAZ-54901 trunk tractor, the production of which was launched in 2019. Prior to the start of sales, lots of new tractors were handed over to several large carriers for test operation, the model was tested in real conditions of transportation and finalized by the manufacturer according to customer reviews, KAMAZ press service reported. The price list of a vehicle is 7 million 099 thousand 200 rubles (including a service contract).


The final price is set by official dealers of the company. Today, more than 50 dealers across Russia have expressed a desire to take vehicles for a sale. In May-June, vehicles will appear in Russian regions. The main field of application of the latest KAMAZ-54901 main truck is the towing of semi-trailers on paved roads for various purposes. The vehicle is distinguished by a new truck cab with a completely flat floor, two berths and an increased width (2500 mm).

The tractor is equipped with the new 450 hp KAMAZ P6 in-line 6-cylinder engine; the new ZF Traxon automated 12-speed gearbox with enhanced driver functionality and the Dainler rear axle with reduced gear ratio for fuel economy. Front and rear brakes are disc. Also among the advantages of the new items there are two fuel tanks with a total volume of 1,400 liters, which ensures a power reserve of up to about 4.5 thousand km. Already in the basic configuration, KAMAZ-54901 main tractor is equipped with a modern multimedia system that makes it possible to use navigation, access the Internet, read the vehicle parameters and much more, as well as the factory intelligent transport information system - the ITIS-KAMAZ satellite transport monitoring system.

As previously reported, in the future, the new generation K5 family will replenish the KAMAZ-6595 dump truck, which is adapted for work in the construction sector. In addition, in December of the previous year, KAMAZ presented a prototype of a promising hybrid main-line tractor of the K6 family under the name Continent.


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