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Ford Sollers has increased localisation on Transit models

Mar 3, 2020

As announced by Ford Sollers press office, within the framework of the localisation process, all Ford Transit versions are now equipped with parabolic single-leaf springs with improved rubber-metal hinges, manufactured at the Chusovsky Metallurgical Plant (ChMZ). As proven by the results of road tests, the products of ChMZ not only comply with all the standards of Ford, but also are able to compete with the world’s leading counterparts on equal terms.


In addition, the Heaton-Plast 2 bumpers, made out of local materials, have been localised for Ford Sollers and their deliveries have begun in 2019, as part of the development of a priority field for Ford Sollers: vertical localisation, which aims for the organisation of the entire production chain in Russia, from the extraction of raw materials to the production of finished components. Enterprises form petrochemical and automotive industries of the Republic of Tatarstan are included in the supply chain of Ford Sollers: Tatneft – production, Nizhnekamskneftekhim (Nizhnekamsk) – base polymers and LLC Heaton Plast 2 – bumpers. Thereby, the entire production chain from oil production and processing of raw materials to the production of parts and their installation on vehicles is 100% localised. Dashboards and door panels are also manufactured from local raw materials.

In the meantime, Ford Transit received new steel wheels made from Russian raw materials from a supplier in Tatarstan: Accuride Wheels Russia.


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