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Three new FAW truck dealerships were opened in Russia

Jul 16, 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, three new FAW truck dealerships were opened in Russia – “AvtoKub” in Moscow, Sakhalin Spare Parts Service in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and “Mir Mashin” in Ufa.


The area where the facilities are located is from 1130 sq. m to 3.6 ha. They have service stations, spare parts warehouses, and parking lots, each of which has from 2 to 10 cars, the FAV-East Europe press service reports. The Moscow center specializes in medium-duty trucks: it can simultaneously serve 8 cars. Other dealers allow serving at their stations up to 16 heavy or medium tonnage vehicles at the same time.

“In the selected regions there are quite a lot of users of FAW equipment, and earlier they had to service the cars on their own or travel to the nearest regions with official stations. Our task is to open freight dealerships in all major regional cities of the Russian Federation,” - said Andrei Popov, the director of the FAW-East Europe truck sales department. Today, FAW dealer network consists of 38 auto centers.


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