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Exports of Russian-made cars have increased by 38% within 8 months of 2019

Nov 12, 2019

Autostat.- 25.1 thousand Russian-made cars have been exported within the first eight months of 2019, excluding the EEU countries. The figure indicates a 38% year-on-year increase.


76% of the aforementioned figure has been exported to five countries only. Czechia has become the largest exporter of Russian assembly vehicles this year, with 6900 units in 8 months. Uzbekistan has occupied the second spot with 5200 vehicles. The top-three has been completed by Latvia with 3100 units, which is followed by Azerbaijan with 2600 units and Ukraine with 1300 units.

13.1 thousand units Lada, 7.2 thousand units Skoda, 918 units Hyundai, 842 units Volkswagen and 811 units UAZ vehicles have been exported within the aforementioned period.

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