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Used Electric Vehicle Sales grow by 46% this year

Aug 26, 2020

According to AUTOSTAT analytic agency, in January - July 2020, residents of our country purchased 2,515 used electric vehicles. That is 45.7% more than for 7 months of the previous year (1,726 vehicles).


The Nissan Leaf was the most popular model of the aftermarket during this period with 94% of all electric vehicle resales in Russia. That is 2,370 vehicles in terms of numbers. The share of other brands does not exceed 2%, and the resale volumes are less than 50 vehicles: Tesla (47 vehicles), Mitsubishi (39 vehicles), Jaguar (21 vehicles), BMW (14 vehicles), LADA (10 vehicles) , Renault (9 vehicles) and Hyundai (5 vehicles).

The largest number of electric vehicles was resold in Primorye - 289 vehicles during 7 months of this year. Residents of Irkutsk region purchased a little less (285 vehicles). The Khabarovsk Territory is on the third place (166 vehicles). Over 100 electric vehicles in January-July were resold in the Krasnodar Territory and Novosibirsk Region - 165 and 139 vehicles, respectively. And only then comes Moscow, where the volume of the used electric vehicle market was the same as in Amur Region - 90 vehicles.


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