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KAMAZ celebrated the 45th anniversary of the first vehicle

Feb 19, 2021

KAMAZ celebrated the 45th anniversary of the first vehicle, which rolled off the assembly line of the enterprise on February 16th, 1976. Since then, more than 2.3 million cars have been produced, which are operated in more than 80 countries around the world, according to the press service of the automaker.

Today KAMAZ produces over 60 basic models and 1,500 complete sets of vehicles. In 2020, one of the newest developments of KAMAZ employees was brought to the market - KAMAZ-54901 mainline tractor, the first representative of the K5 generation vehicles.

In 2021, KAMAZ introduces new models of K5 generation vehicles to the market. So, at the end of the previous year, a trial assembly of KAMAZ-65659 mainline tractor took place, the first lot of trucks has already been transferred to test operation. Serial production of this model has already begun, the start of sales is scheduled for March, and in November 2021 it is planned to release new trim levels of cars of this family.

Also in 2021, KAMAZ will bring to the market dump trucks KAMAZ-65951 (8x4) and KAMAZ-65952 (6x6), designed for the transportation of various bulk cargo. These are representatives of the heavy family of vehicles of the K5 generation with a GVW of 50 tons and 41 tons, respectively. Now the production of a trial lot is being completed, intended for testing the technology of manufacturing and transferring cars to controlled operation. The start of sales of new products is scheduled for July 2021.

Among the activities of KAMAZ there is the development of demanded modifications of vehicles running on compressed and liquefied natural gas, the development of unmanned vehicles, the successful execution of large contracts for the supply of KAMAZ electric buses to the capital of Russia.

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