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Used electric vehicle market grew by 60% in 2020

Feb 3, 2021

For the previous year, the residents of our country bought 5,273 used electric cars. According to the experts of the AUTOSTAT agency, this result is higher by 60% than in 2019 (3,303 units).

The most popular used electric vehicle remains Nissan Leaf. So, in 2020, this model was purchased in the amount of 4,882 used units, which is 93% of the total. In turn, the volumes of purchases of other electric cars in the secondary market are calculated by much lower indicators: Mitsubishi I-MiEV (109 units), Tesla Model S (100 units), Tesla Model X (45 units), BMW i3 (42 units), Jaguar I-Pace (41 units), Tesla Model 3 (15 units), Hyundai Ioniq (14 units), LADA Ellada (12 units), Renault Twizy (11 units), Chevrolet Bolt (2 units).

As for geography, Irkutsk region has the largest secondary market for electric cars. Last year, 612 local residents became the owners of such vehicles. In the Primorsky Territory, 569 people bought used electric vehicles. The third largest market for such vehicles is Krasnodar Territory (356 units). This is followed by the Khabarovsk Territory (314 units) and the Novosibirsk Region (250 units). Moscow in this rating is only the sixth one (219 items), Moscow region - the seventh (175 items). The TOP-10 also includes: Amur Region (172 units), Krasnoyarsk Territory (153 units) and Sakhalin Region (117 units). In addition to them, Sverdlovsk region, Tyumen region and St. Petersburg also crossed the mark of a hundred used electric cars.


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