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1 million electronic vehicle passports issued in Russia

Aug 21, 2020

1 million electronic vehicle passports (EVP) have been issued in Russia. We should remind that the first 100 EVP were issued at the beginning of 2019, and in November 2019, there were 100,000 electronic passports in the system.


In the same month, vehicle manufacturers and importers switched to mass registration of EVP. According to Electronic Passport press service, almost all new vehicles are currently sold with electronic passports. There is a gradual transition to the registration of EVP for single imported vehicles, and some regions started registration of EVP for previously registered vehicles. At the same time, car owners who have vehicles with paper vehicle passports will still be able to use them. 

During this year, the system launched new services. Now you can request a record extract from the EVP, use a vehicle owners’ portal, etc. An electronic vehicle type approval system has also been launched. The system of electronic vehicle passports is designed to make all operations with a vehicle and the reliability of its history as transparent as possible. As before, the EVP will contain information on the vehicle specifications, identification data of the main units, information on registration and deregistration. More complete and detailed information on the vehicle in the EVP will help to protect and secure market participants.


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