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Car dealers informed whether to expect a shortage of cars in the autumn

Sep 3, 2020

There is a shortage of cars in the Russian car market, which can only worsen due to summer holidays at car plants.


According to Artyom Zyabin, the head of expert and analytical department of GC “Avtomir”, there is a noticeable shortage of cars for most of brands, and for some brands there are practically no uncontractable cars left. The situation should begin to improve in the second half of September, although the deficit for some brands may last until the end of autumn. “In general, the current deficit is temporary; we expect that for some brands the situation will begin to return to normal at the end of 2020. But at the same time in the autumn the shortage may appear for other brands, in particular, Volvo.

At the moment, the situation with deliveries in September is not completely clear ... ", - says Andrey Kamensky, Marketing Director of AVILON AG. In turn, Konstantin Avakyan, Deputy Director of the Corporate Sales Department of the AutoSpecCentre Group of Companies, notes that the shortage of cars certainly affects the price dynamics. But it is not the main factor for their growth, in contrast to such external factors as the ruble exchange rate against major currencies, inflation, changes in tax and customs legislation. Nevertheless, the deficit greatly accelerates the process of price tag adjustments, and also affects the prompt change in trade policy in terms of the cancellation of previously existing special programs and discounts.

Before the autumn, price lists can rise from 2% to 4%. It is also more than likely that it will not be the last price adjustment this year. “Potentially the possible price increase, together with the deferred demand disappearing, will return the market trend to its previous negative state: by the end of the year, the market still expects a fall of about 25% in compare with the previous year,” - sums up Konstantin Avakyan.


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