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Only 5% of used cars are sold on credit

Sep 16, 2020

According to the assessment of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT", for 8 months of 2020, only 5% of used cars were sold with the usage of classic car loan scheme.


This low figure is due to two factors.First, the overwhelming majority of transactions in the secondary market are made directly between individuals, or with the participation of "outbids". The share of dealer sales in the used car market is still not high. Secondly, it is easier and often cheaper for buyers of cars on the secondary market to get a consumer loan than a classic car loan with a transfer of money to a dealer and a car pledge.

According to the executive director of the agency "AUTOSTAT", Sergei Udalov, the growth of car loans for used cars has been clearly seen lately. In August, against the background of a decrease in the number of loans for new cars (-6%), lending of used cars grew by 15%. By considering the low share in the total volume of this market (3.3 million used cars were sold in 8 months), the potential for banks and dealers is extremely high.


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