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The market of domestic used cars fell by 9%. And in Togliatti - it grew up

Nov 11, 2020

Russians began to buy less domestic used cars, except for Togliatti residents.


As experts of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" found out, Togliatti was the only one in the TOP-10 cities of the Russian Federation, in which the growth of the market of used cars of domestic brands was noted. According to the agency, for 9 months of 2020, the residents of our country purchased about 1 million domestic used cars. This is lower by 9% than a year ago.

Most of these cars are bought in Moscow and St. Petersburg (14,725 and 9,287 units, respectively). Samara is the third one (7,769 units), the fourth one - neighboring Togliatti (7,605 units). But if in Autograd the volume of the market of used cars of domestic brands grew by 2%, in Samara it decreased by 4%. The same trend is observed in the capital and St. Petersburg (-14% and -2%, respectively).

If we consider the leading cities in terms of the secondary market volume of domestic cars, it turns out that only Togliatti is showing the growth in the TOP-10. So, in Saratov this market decreased by 6% (to 6,024 units), in Voronezh - by 8% (down to 5,754 units), in Kazan - by 4% (to 5,693 units), in Chelyabinsk - by 8% (to 5,619 units), in Volgograd - by 6% (to 5,485 units) and in Yekaterinburg - by 3% (to 5,214 units). As the experts of the agency "AUTOSTAT" noted, if the volume of purchases of used domestic cars falls, then in relation to used foreign cars there is a slight increase (+ 0.2% to 2.9 million units).


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