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For 9 months, prices of new cars grew by 12%. And this is not the limit!

Oct 23, 2020

Cars in Russia continue to rise in price.


As experts of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" calculated, from January to September 2020, the recommended retail prices for new passenger cars have already increased by 12%. Moreover, this process continued in October - the specialists of "Price of Auto" website, during the monitoring, fixed an increase in prices (both for the entire model range and for individual models) at 15 brands. The main reason for the continuing rise in car prices is the sharp depreciation of the ruble against the major world currencies (by 25-30%), which automakers have not won back yet. Therefore, prices will continue to grow, and by the end of this year, their growth may be about 20%. According to the agency's experts, for the last 6 years (since September 2014), the recommended retail prices of new passenger cars have doubled. However, the Russian ruble fell by the same amount against the US dollar.


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