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Half of all foreign cars in the Russian Federation are produced at three car plants

Jun 17, 2020

During the preparation of the report “Automotive industry in Russia. Results of 2019, prospects”, the experts of the analytical agency“ AUTOSTAT ”estimated that for the last year, 1.2 million units of automotive vehicles of foreign brands were produced in our country.


At the same time, slightly more than a half of them (610.7 thousand units) were produced at three enterprises. The leader by the production of foreign cars in Russia is St. Petersburg Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plant with 245 thousand cars. Kaliningrad Avtotor (214.1 thousand units) is the second one, and Volkswagen Group Rus Kaluga (151.6 thousand units) is the third one.

According to agency experts, the assembly of foreign cars in our country is carried out at 28 car plants. Thus, the rest half of them were produced at 25 enterprises in the previous year.


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