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TOP-10 of the most popular new cars among Russians in April

May 14, 2020

Experts of the analytical agency AUTOSTAT have already reported that in April, the residents of the Russian Federation bought new cars 3 times less than in March. Now we give a list of the most popular models of the previous month.


The leadership is still held by the domestic LADA Granta, which in April sold 4,564 units - 67% lower than a year ago. LADA Vesta, which was purchased in the amount of 4,201 cars (-65%), keeps the second place. The title of the most popular foreign car still belongs to KIA Rio (2,848 units; -68%), and Hyundai Creta (2,484 units; -62%) again became the bestseller of the SUV segment. LADA Largus wagon finished the top-five, the volume of purchases of which fell by 61% to 1,578 units in the previous month. The sixth place in the model ranking was occupied by the Volkswagen Polo sedan (1539 units; -71%). LADA 4x4 SUV was purchased in the amount of 1,515 units (-50%), while its result in April fell less than at other models. But Hyundai Solaris sedan (1439 units), on the contrary, recorded the largest market decline (-75%). The last ones in the top-10 were the crossovers Renault Duster (1407 units) and Volkswagen Tiguan (1329 units), the volume of purchases of which fell by 62% and 56%, respectively.


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