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Hyundai spoke about its plans in Russia

May 21, 2020

Hyundai does not change plans to bring new models to the Russian market in 2020. This was stated by the managing director of Hyundai Motor CIS, Alexey Kalitsev. “In February-March, we updated completely Solaris and Creta, they are now being released in the facelift. We are preparing actively the certification of two new models of Hyundai brand. We plan to launch Palisade, our flagship SUV, and the new generation of Elantra in the autumn.


If we talk about the Genesis brand, we are launching the first SUV-brand GV80 and the new generation of the G80 car in September this year. Now these plans are in force, preparations for the launch of these models are in full swing, "Finmarket agency quotes Mr. Kalitsev. Meanwhile, in May, Hyundai Motor CIS Company plans to index the prices of brand cars in the Russian market. "If we talk about price increases, I will not voice the numbers, but I’ll say that it will take place in May and will be insignificant. We do not plan and do not intend to win back mathematically fluctuations in the exchange rate. But we have a large number of components coming from other countries, therefore, of course, we are dependent on the course," - Mr. Kalitsev said.

He also said that Hyundai dealer network, which consists of 184 car dealerships, is gradually returning to work from April 20th with the weakening of anticoronavirus restrictions. “Today we have 74 dealerships of 184. Of course, Moscow is critical for us, and Moscow dealers are still not working - neither service, nor sales. The service should be gradually restored the other day, but there are no sales. We are actively working with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and with the Moscow administration regarding the resumption of the dealerships, "- he said, emphasizing that in the opened stores there is a drop in traffic in compare with the normal period from 30-40% to 60-70% depending on the region.

Mr. Kalitsev also recalled that from May 12th, the Hyundai plant in St. Petersburg resumed the production of cars and works in two shifts instead of three.


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