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Open conference area AGORA

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The conference platform AGORA unites specialists and professionals in the field of service stations, garage equipment, analytics and other players in the automotive component and spare parts market. Open to all visitors, the area is open all 4 days of the exhibition from 26 to 29 August.

Topics of speeches of the AGORA conference area:

  • “Software, Internet solutions, CRM in the automotive industry”
  • “Analytics and prospects in the automotive industry”
  • “Service stations, car services”
  • Conference “Comprehensive detailing as a new stage in the development of automotive service”
  • “Legal aspects of doing business in the automotive industry”

* - Sections can be changed at the discretion of the organizers.

Business program

Time Theme
26 august 2019 (1st day of exhibition)
11:30 - 12:00 Official opening ceremony of the MIMS Automechanika Moscow
12:00 - 12:40 Presentation of exhibition director Automechanika Istanbul
Speaker: Can Berki, Messe Frankfurt Turkey
12:45 - 13:25 Company EuroAlca

Workshop for purchasers

Speaker: Asya Barysheva, Advertising Director

1. How can the buyer find the best supplier
2. How to achieve the desired price, with constant quality
3. How to negotiate an additional price cut for your marketing budget
Section "Software, Internet solutions in the automotive industry"
13:30 - 15:00 TradeSoft Company

"How to increase profits in the sale of spare parts through automation"

1. Optimization of the processes of a trading company
2. Competent management of the auto parts warehouse
3. Increase sales and reduce costs
4. Simplification of customer life - increase loyalty and turn into regular customers
5. Online store. New sales channels. Business scaling

Speaker: Dmitry Slobodin, Commercial Director

“How to increase sales in the online auto parts store”

1. The main ways to promote a car shop on the Internet
2. Is it important to be in the TOP10?
3. 3 strategies for promoting an online auto parts store
4. How to independently increase website traffic for free: basic methods and tools
5. How not to make a mistake when choosing an SEO services contractor

Speaker: Roman Kalinin, Head of Internet Promotion
Section "Analytics and prospects in the automotive industry"
15:10 - 15:40 MegaResearch Company

Production (assembly) of passenger and ]commercial vehicles in Russia and the CIS (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan), 2016-2018.

Speaker: Sharipova Elizaveta, PR-director of the marketing agency "MegaResearch"

1. The state and main characteristics of the market for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia and the CIS (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan) in Russia: its volume, structure (according to autoclusters and models), dynamics
2. External and internal factors affecting the market
3. Assessment of current market development trends. Current trends and trends in consumption
4. Market development forecast for 10-15 years

15:40 - 16:20

Russian-Chinese Chamber for the support of machinery, technology and innovation products trade
The specifics of working with Chinese manufacturers in the Russian market
Speaker: A.N. Lenz, Deputy Head of the RCP Marketing Center
1. Increasing confidence in Chinese products;
2. Assistance in the development of Chinese brands in the Russian Federation;
3. Quality control;
4. Market specifics and brand affiliation;
5. Joint development of technology for the Russian and Chinese markets;
6. Creating a base of Chinese companies for the convenience of interaction and market development, combining them into a Chinese cluster.
"Special programs to promote Russian-Chinese trade relations"
Speaker: E.I. Imanilov, CEO of MEPART.RU
1. Presentation of a new trading platform in Moscow;
2. Organization of a centralized wholesale network for the sale of spare parts.
Speaker: V.L. Temkin, Vice-speaker of MEPART.RU
3. Information on the current situation in the market of Chinese auto parts and accessories in the Russian Federation;
4. Possibilities for joint development of the market of Chinese auto parts and accessories in the Russian Federation;
5. Assistance in marketing and opening representative offices. (swapped marketing and opening representative offices)

16:20 - 17:10 Company Avtotranstech

"Analytics and prospects for the development of the transmission industry in Russia and abroad"

Speaker: Bakalov Vyacheslav Anatolyevich, Head of AutoTransTech Group, Publisher of AKPPro magazine, Member of ATRA Association, ASTI

1. Prospects for the development of the market of automatic transmissions in Russia, Europe, the USA.
2. The development of the transmission grow in Russia
3. The market for spare parts for automatic transmissions
27 august 2019 (2nd day of exhibition)
Section "Car Service"

10:15 - 11:30

Company "Right auto business"

"Three tools to help you increase sales at a car service"
Speaker: Roman Gulyaev, Director of Correct Automotive Business

"Bitrix24 - the first assistant to the head of a car service. Experience in customizing the program for yourself"
Speaker: Sergey Pugachev, Director of the STO "Bourgeois"

"Car service promotion: how to work with your customer base"
Speaker: Roman Gulyaev, Director of Correct Automotive Business

"How your staff actually works is a side view. The results of the visits of" mystery shoppers "to the Best Service Stations of Russia"
Speaker: Vladimir Minenko, Director of Carconsulting

11:35 - 12:05 BG Center - Exclusive Distributor of the American company BG Products Inc.

"Preventive maintenance of car components, assemblies and systems using BG Products Inc. technologies as a source of additional profit, improving the quality of services provided and orienting the client to your Car Service."

Speaker: Shikhalev Dmitry Ernstovich, Director of BG Center LLC

1. Analysis of car sales statistics.
2. Unique services for gasoline and diesel engines.
12:10-12:50 SMART Engineering Center

"Training and motivation of personnel of technical centers: tools and experience of SMART Information Center"

Speaker: Klyukin Pavel Nikolaevich, Ph.D. tech. Sciences, Head of the SMART Engineering Center

1. The impact of lack of qualifications and employee motivation on business results
2. Staff training: what and whom to teach
3. Reducing the cost of training at times: 3 tools
4. Visiting laboratory IC SMART: training, equipment, tech. help
5. A way from a mechanic to grow an electrician on the job
6. The longest project in the Russian Federation is the Open Championship "The Best Auto Mechanic of the Russian Federation". Business Benefits, 2019 Innovations
13:00 - 13:40 Industrial company BRUMEX

"Plastic fuel canisters. What you need to know to be refueled at a gas station without scandal"

Speaker: Elshin Sergey Sergeevich, Commercial Directorate

1. Instructions for the driver, if you refuse to refuel gasoline in a plastic canister - a new service on the canister market
2. Removing the ban on fuel and lubricants in plastic canisters at gas stations
3. GOST R58404-2019 "Filling stations and complexes. Rules of technical operation ”instead of the old rules of the middle of the XXth century
4. Container requirements for the transport and storage of hazardous liquids. GOST R 26319-84
5. How to quickly identify a fake - We understand the markings, certificates
The end of section
14:00 - 16:30 Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“Controlled friction - long life of a car”
Speaker: Sergey Mamykin - Technical Director of CUPPER Company

"Features of friction clutches power take-off"
Speaker: Dmitry Popov - Senior Researcher, IPC RAS

"Practical examples of the use of controlled friction in the creation of sports cars"
Speaker: Sergey Antipov - Head of Art-Line Technology Company

Signing a partnership agreement between CUPPER Company and Roster Crimea Company
28 august 2019 (3rd day of exhibition)
10:30 - 12:30 Presentation of Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo (AMR)

Speaker: Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo

1. China auto parts market overview
2. How AMR succeeded in becoming the leading business platform for the development of the maintenance and repair sector in China
12:30 - 14:30 Company EuroAlca

"Increasing the effectiveness of the sales department"

Speaker: Asya Barysheva, Advertising Director

1. How to obtain consent from the purchaser for the purchase of goods of your company
2. Find a common language with the buyer, how to avoid problematic moments
3. How to increase sales team effectiveness
Conference "Integrated detailing as a new stage in the development of automotive service"
14:40 - 15:20 Z-Axis Company

"Additive technologies in the automotive industry"

Speaker: Sergey Kulakov, Director of Z-axis

1. 3D technology for prototyping a car and its components
2. Production of injection molds using 3D printing method (for casting with plastic, metal, composite materials)
3. Production of functional parts for cars and motorcycles using additive / 3D technologies
4. Conductors and devices to simplify the assembly and maintenance of cars and their production in an additive way
5. The use of 3D printing for the production of individual and exclusive car and motorcycle parts, including tuning
15:25 - 16:10 Leraton Company

"Detailing-washing. The process of controlling washing and reducing the negative human factor"

Speaker: Victor Platonov, Leraton Technologist

"Problems of the production of car cosmetics in Russia"

Speaker: Dmitry Lupanosov, Leraton CEO
16:15 - 16:40

Detailing Center Fest

Speaker: Alyona Gulevich, Evgeny Gulevich, founders

1. Detailing captivated all the cities of the Russian Federation, the natural consequences - a drop in quality
2. What leads to a drop in customer confidence
3. How are uniform quality standards formed?
29 august 2019 (4th day of exhibition)
Section "Logistics: Import and Export, Customs Clearance"
10:30 - 11:30 BES Cargo Group of Companies

"Actual issues and features of customs clearance for the import and export of auto parts, cosmetics and equipment. New in the law"

Speaker: Marina Novikova, Foreign Economic Analyst

1. Features of customs clearance and logistics of auto parts and car cosmetics
2. Stages of paperwork confirming the compliance of goods with the mandatory requirements of the technical regulation and requirements for labeling of goods

Speaker: Nikolay Baranov, Head of Analytical Services

3. Labeling of goods with control and identification marks - what awaits the import market in 2019–2020?
11:40 - 12:40 VIG Trans Group

Specifics of customs clearance of equipment, import practices from China

Speaker: Jamal Davitashvili,

1. The specifics of customs clearance of equipment.
2. The practice of importing goods from China by high-speed rail routes.
3. Customs clearance of samples for Certification.
4. Requirements of customs authorities for Permits

"Certification. Actual issue when importing goods from China and Europe for the maintenance of automobiles"
Speaker: Alexey Rzhankovsky, General Director of EuroExpertStandard, Ombudsman for Technical Regulation under the Commissioner for the Protection of Entrepreneurs' Rights in Moscow

1. Which products are subject to voluntary certification, and which are mandatory?
2. The procedure for issuing a certificate of conformity. Choosing a conformity confirmation scheme. Features of the preparation of documents, import of samples, testing
3. What mistakes and pitfalls are most common and how to avoid them?
4. Is it possible to verify the validity of the issued certificate and how to do it
Section "IT-solutions in trade, sales, CRM"
12:45 - 13:30 TIPS - Referral IT System

"How to stimulate and manage distributor sales. New IT solutions"

Speaker: Yuri Tkachev, TIPS CEO

1. How to make a retailer the ambassador of your brand.
2. Statistics that you did not have: points of sale, availability of goods, receipts, date, time and more.
3. The authenticity of the sale or "we will refund your money." A new level of confirmation of the sale of goods in the Retail.
4. Distance learning retailers in "1 click"
5. How old business processes are changing with technology
13:40 - 14:30 C2B Group

"Do it yourself: How to choose and implement an effective CRM-system to solve the problems of your company"

Speaker: Ryazantsev Aleksey, Head of C2B Group

1. We optimize processes and draw up regulations
2. 5 sales tools affecting the sale of auto parts
3. How to build control over the implementation of business processes
4. Whether to link performance with the motivation system and KPI

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