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The open conference platform AGORA unites specialists and professionals in the field of service stations, garage equipment, analytics and other players in the automotive component and spare parts market. The area will be open 4 days of the exhibition.


23 August

11.00 – 11.40


Official Opening Ceremony of 25th International Exhibition of automotive spare parts, automotive components, equipment and vehicle maintenance products MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2021

  • Michael Johannes, Vice President of Mobility & Logistics brand at Messe Frankfurt GmbH
  • Denis Pak, Director of the Department of Automotive Industry and Railway Machinery 
  • Alexey Fursin, Head of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development Department of Moscow 
  • Vladimir Bikov, Executive Secretary of Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the Russian Federation
  • Tadzio Schilling, Chief Executive Officer, Association of European Business 
  • Denis Endachev, Executive Director for Information and Intellectual Systems, NAMI
  • Andrey Kholodenko, General Director, Autolong Group
  • Nikolay Gusev, Deputy Director General, AO EXPOCENTRE 
  • Anna Manvelova, CEO, ITEMF Expo
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12.15 – 14.00

аналитическая сессия

Analytical session

The Future of the Automotive Components Industry, Changes in the Distribution Network and Car Service patterns in Russia

Moderator: Anna Manvelova, CEO, ITEMF Expo

Global aftersales trends

  • Vitaly Kravets, Director in Russia, GIPA

Car park in Russia. Structure, changes and influence on automotive market

  • Sergey Udalov, Executive Director, Аutostat

Aftermarket 2021: auto parts sales channels, segments of main producers, sales dynamic, trends — changes in customers’ preferences, the market’s volume

  • Dmitry Bolkhovsky, Aftermarket-DATAⓇ

Where car owners prefer to buy parts and service their vehicles. Situation in 2021 and trends of the nearest future

  • Alexander Gruzdev, CEO, Gruzdev Analyze, international auto expert 
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14.15 – 15.45

круглый стол_дилеры VS НСТО

Round table

After-sales service of cars at official dealers, in network services and in independent services - common problems, joint initiatives, points of growth

Supported by ROAD

Moderator: Maksim Kadakov, Chief Editor of "Za Rulem" magazine

Discussion topics: vehicle inspection, technical regulations, OSAGO and RFP, problems in auto components and spare parts’ supply chains, cooperation with car producers and distributors of spare parts, consumer’s extremism, Car service’s equipment (diagnostic of complexed repair)


  • Alexei Podshekoldin, ROAD, BN Motors
  • Alexander Pakhomov, Automotive Service Union
  • Olga Selezneva, RASTO
  • Ivan Bondarenko, Rolf
  • Konstantin Epaneshnikov, Avilon
  • Danil Solovyev, Fit Service
  • Barno Tursunova, Vilgood
  • Sergey Efremov,  Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI)
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16.00 – 18.00

Александр Сосновский

Round table

Producers, Distributors and Car Services. One-way love

Moderator: Vitaly Novikov, CEO of the Automotive Service Union

Problem description:

  • Car services as a growing channel for selling spare parts and components. Ambivalent situation.  
  • Creating a distribution agent within Car Service Union to optimize pricing. How to handle logistics and supply in this case? Other problems existing now and those that will potentially arise with new structure. 
  • Creating the unique tool for communicating between producers and car services directly. A solution by Car Service Union excluding distributors from communication chain.
  • Business relationships between car services and distributors. Problems of small sale amounts together big amounts of work needed. 
  • Importance of selling auto spare parts within car service economy. Lack of knowledge how to sell and miscommunication with distributors of spare parts.

Discussion topics:

  • Producers’ opinion about car services as a channel for selling spare parts. What will be the reaction of car service as a consumer and a partner? What are the perspectives? 
  • What do car services want from a dealer?
  • What areas of concern distributors have with car services?
  • Where is the gap in communication between producer and distributor of auto spare parts?


  • Alexander Sosnovsky, Senior Technical Consultant, Ferdinand Bilstein Rus
  • Andrey Rybkin, Sales manager, Delphi Technologies
  • Olga Solovieva, vice managing director of distribution company “Amtel”
  • Dmitry Zaytsev, head of sales department, MOTUL
  • Alexander Pakhomov, Owner and CEO at Diligence car service center, St. Petersburg
  • Natalya Vaganova, Owner and CEO at Avtoritet car service center, Yaroslavl
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24 August


Effective Car Service Day

How to maximize service station profitability. Finances. Legislation and Regulation. Staff, education and labor security. Digital solutions for service stations. Service stations for trucks.   

11.00 – 11.40

Overview of the current situation at the spare parts market. Best sales channels. Top-5 tools to boost sales in 2021

  • Dmitry Slobodin, commercial director, TradeSoft 

12.00 – 12.30

Government Decree No. 290. World Practice, Russian Practice and Car Service Union Solutions

  • Alexander Pakhomov, President of the Automotive Service Union, Mikhail Petrov, Director of the service stations chain «EuroAuto»

12.30 – 13.00

Technical regulations and its consequences. Current status.

  • Alexander Pakhomov, President of the Automotive Service Union, Dmitry Danshov, Founder of the company «Mechanicа»

13.00 – 14.20

Дмитрий Слободин

Round table «Staff is the Key»

Moderator - Olga Selezneva, President of RASTO, Managing director at Volin

New Labor Market: current expectations of employee and employer

  • Olga Selezneva, President of RASTO, Managing director at Volin

Requirements for the manager’s competence at a franchise workshop 

  • Nikolay Yankovsky, Vice Chairman of RASTO Association,  Business Development Director at “Vianor Service and Market”

Development the educational process on the basis of own classroom facilities at a service station 

  • Tatyana Pavlova, director at FitService Kazan

Premiere of the book "AUTOmechanic"

  • Author - Olbb General Director of the technical center "VOLIN", Chairman of the RASTO Association, Chairman of the Committee of Women's and Family Entrepreneurship of the Union of the Odintsovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Moscow Region

The RASTO Association actively promotes "AUTOMECHANIK" working profession to the younger generation. 

Premiere of the book “Steam cars of the 20th century. Real Steampunk "

  • Author - Yu.I. Butsky, Ph.D., member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.

It is generally accepted that the history of the steam car ended in the early years of the last century. This is not the case, the author writes. Steam trucks and passenger cars were built in the 1920s and 40s. We just don't know much about them. The book contains many interesting facts and a large number of carefully selected illustrations. There has never been such a book in Russia.

Presentation of cycle and motorbike industry among future and current car service employees. 

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14.30 – 16.30

Круглый стол_ИТ технологии

Round table 

Digital Solutions for Car Services

Moderator: Vladimir Minenko, Founder of VMstudy, consultant trainer 

Discussion topics: Special programs help you to manage and control, work with clients, not to forget to call, quickly find and offer spare parts. But what`s more important – they simplify contact with clients and offer various communication channels to car owners. 


  • German Kryukov, T-System
  • Viktor Stupko, Levam
  • Andrey Glembotsky, Legion-Autodata
  • Dmitry Bolkhovsky,
  • Roman Starostin, TaDam
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16.40 – 18.00


Round table

Specific features of service station for commercial vehicles and spare parts for them

Moderator: Roman Gulyaev, clients development director, Pravilny Autobusiness


Discussion topics:

  • Staff problems and solutions at truck service stations, how to motivate mployees
  • How to find and retain clients at truck service stations
  • Spare parts supply to truck service stations
  • Open discussion


  • Viktor Baranov, "Baranka" service station, Yaroslavl
  • Nikolay Muratov, Avtospetscenter Kotlyakovo, Moscow
  • Anna Romanova, Lorry Truck, Domodedovo
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25 August

Дмитрий Слободин

Successful Car Service Day

How to attract and retain clients. How to optimize marketing budget. How to improve revenues by increasing visits frequency and spare parts sales. 

11.00 – 14.40 

New formats of working with service station clients and opportunities for their monetization

  • Moderator: Oleg Moseev, Automarketolog

How not to lose clients in messengers? 

  • Konstantin Palfinov, business coach, consultant

Car services: time for action

  • Dmitry Savchenko, certified master-consultant of Volkswagen, IT- entrepreneur

The best source of clients for the car service

  • Alexander Ernezaks, Head of Tapir Company

Client acquisition to car service without a budget

  • Ekaterina Gornaeva, Marketing Director, FIT Service 

Customer-centered or Human-centered car service

  • Ararat Mardoyan, Administration Director, Autodealer University

What helps to sell diagnostic results

  • Vladimir Minenko, Founder of «VMstudy», consultant trainer

"Unfair" competitive advantages in car service or how to keep 3+ client in the car service funnel

  • Alexander Usoltsev, founder of and partner of publishing house «Koroche, dealer»

15.00 – 16.30

Татьяна Дуброва-фото

Analyzing phone calls in car service = increasing revenue

Tatyana Dubrova, Skills trainer for automotive service or repair business employees: spare parts salespersons, service station attendants, call centers. Head of AK Reactor — Training Center for spare parts salespersons and service station attendants . Project Manager at telephone company Avantelecom


  • Expert-administrator or call-center? When is it time to expand the team?
  • Forcing sales of auto spare parts by analyzing phone calls
  • Checklist for the right pattern of conversation to sell auto spare parts 
  • Tough client – correct objections-handling 
  • Tools for managing phone calls

16.45 – 17.30

Роман Гуляев

Service receptionist: Recruitment, training, distribution of duties.

Roman Gulyaev, clients development director, Pravilny Autobusiness


  • How to teach service receptionist to sell spare parts
  • Why spare parts sales is potential revenues source for service station
  • Advantages of dedicated account manager for the client
  • Why are service receptionists afraid to sell spare parts
  • Support tools for service receptionists
  • Life hacks
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26 August

Fit Service Open Doors Day


10:00 – 11:00. Registration

Company History, The Common Information about Franchise and Development Plans

  • Danil Solovyev, CEO

Video-excursion to the Butovo service station 

12:30 – 13:00. Lunch

Automation system, customer services, development products

  • Alexander Garankov, Development Director

Marketing strategy of the company 

  • Ekaterina Gornaeva, Marketing Director

15:00 – 15:15. Coffee Break

Staff recruitment, training center

  • Svetlana Solovyeva, HR-director

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Anastasiya Medovaya

Business program producer


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